Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA) is a 200 years old manufacturer of printing presses, and the second biggest press manufacturer in the world. KBA is known for its innovative and qualitative products. KBA manufacture newspaper-, heatset-, sheetfed-, digital-, security printing- and other special presses.


Baldwin Technology Company, Inc. is a global leading supplier of process automation solutions for the printing industry. Newspaper- and sheetfed printers get clear benefits by using solutions from Baldwin.

The Baldwin portfolio consists of spray dampening systems, water recirculation systems, blanket cleaners, dryers and consumables.


PrintHouseService GmbH (PHS) is a 100% owned daughter company of KBA. The PHS offices are situated in Augsburg, Würzburg, Plauen and Hamburg. PHS offers service and spare parts to different printing presses. PHS is known for their highly skilled technicians and for their flexibility.


The Swedish supplier DCOS is a young and dynamic company, who manufacture innovative and user friendly automation systems to the printing industry. The DCOS portfolio consists of press control- and register systems. They also manufacture a very innovative closed loop colour system for newspaper presses. DCOS has also the knowledge of offering different electrical upgrades for printing presses.

 Global Web Finishing

Global Web Finishing (GWF) is a leading USA based manufacturer of qualitative inline- and offline finishing equipment for web- and digital presses. Typical GWF solutions are plow fold- UV-coating- and inkjet units. They also have a wide range of other special finishing solutions for printers. GWF continuously develop new solutions that satisfy their customers’ needs in a rapidly changing environment. They have for example developed new technology for UV-coating and variable data for digital- and heatset printers.


The USA based AH Tensor International LLC (Tensor) is a manufacturer of high quality single wide newspaper- and semi-commercial presses. Tensor was established in 1993 and has since that delivered over 190 press lines world wide.

Air Motion Systems Inc

Air Motion Systems Inc. (AMS) is a USA based and 1997 established supplier of LED-UV, and UV, systems to all kinds of sheetfed presses. The users benefits from lower energy consumption and faster throughput times. The AMS LED-UV systems are possible to retrofit on almost all sheetfed presses in the market.

Lamina System

Lamina System is a leading manufacturer of ”sheet to sheet” laminators and gluers. Their technical solutions have a compact design and are innovative and user friendly.